Fun refuting Anti-Christmas celebrators..

Lets have fun refuting 2 arguments of people who legalistically says we shouldn't celebrate christmas..

1. December 25th is the birthday of the sun god.

– you answer them by asking them to prove that a certain sun god exists and his birthday is on December 25.

2. Your participating with the pagans by celebrating on the same date.

– How did that happen? aren't they aware that everyday pagans from all over the world could have designated any day as one of their "gods" birthday and celebrating?

hehehe from there im sure you'll have a fun interaction with them.

usefull links:

Is it alright to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25?

quote: You could stretch the verses to cover the idea of "compromise" between Christianity and the world, but don't twist the verse out of their context and inject your meaning.
quoted from Leonard (SolaGratia of BARM).

Proper Exegesis of 1 Corinthians 10:14-22



  1. 1
    lateralus Says:

    i think it’s just a bit exaggerated, but the fact remains that the celebration has no biblical reference. it’s not exactly antichristian, but it’s not christian either.

    grabe naman spammer dito sa blogger. lol–>

  2. 2
    rex Says:

    “…it’s not exactly antichristian, but it’s not christian either.”

    – Its secular then? LOL this is me responding to a post from 2006. ^_^

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