Musical Composition: Lyrics

Love Hammered

Verse I:
I was lost and now found,
thank You Lord Jesus
the reason was You all along
now i give you this Song..


i love you Lord
IN you im called
You have set this path before me
i’ll take it as you guide me
Verse II:
In your arms i’ll never let go
In your eyes You loved me so
Planned, now i have something to live for
Hammered to perfection
Your work in me will never Fail..
Let God and Never Let Go

Hammer me to perfection!
Hammer me to perfection!
Mold me as i go
Your loved enabled me now…

Influenced by Wesleyan Doctrine of Christian Perfection.

Christian Perfection – Sermon by John Wesley

Christian Perfection in Love, Works of Piety and Mercy – Sermon by John Wesley

Understanding Christian Holiness

Entire Sanctification



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