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Then God said: Let there be Libertarians? Welcome to my Blog!

June 22, 2006

Hi there, its been awhile and im gonna try and "blog" as much as my schedule would allow.

About this Blog

You might be wondering about the title; Then God said: Let there be Libertarians, contradictory ain' it? =)

Offcourse i somewhat quoted that in the book of Genesis, when God was doing His creating things thingie via His Word: Let there be… Anyway it just means that i believe that human beings are "only made/created" free as allowed by God. We are "libertarians" in God's eyes but He can intervene as He wants.On Title on the browser the topmost reads; Christian Liberty, Lifestyle and Apologetics, let me talk about it briefly one by one…

1. Christian Liberty – yep that's right i believe the "christian" God, and he's the one who gave us the Liberty that we are enjoying right now. We deserve the consequences because we are free. In this category also in my entries, it will tackle non-essential issues of the faith, mostly my opinion about theological matters and orthopraxy like the answer to the question how many times should a Christian brush his teeth? Hehehe.

2. Christian Lifestyle – most of the entries in this category will be about Life and how a Christian like me percieves it, act on its every challenges and benefits, interaction with the world mostly with Evangelism in mind. Hopefully it will not include any non-sense in which iam so fond to do, and ei! i said liberty remember? =)

3. Christian Apologetics – well simply put, its the "defense of the faith", the ones that is essential, so for the faint at heart beware, this one is about hardcore discussions about Faith, "religion" and secular philosophy.

So there visit once in a while. Have fun.